Shout Box

The tip that changed your body

1.Use music as motivation
2.Set firm goals
3.Super salad
4.Escape the gym
5.Sweat it out interval training
6.Up the protein
7.Diet is 70% of the battle
8.It’s all about the weights
9.Have a small entrée
10.Mix it up
11.Keep it consistent
12.Get inspired
13.Food swap
14.Invest in a personal trainer
15.Ditch takeaway
16.Avoid injury
17.Don’t give up
18.Variety is the key
19.Trick your body into exercise
20.Challenge yourself
21.Stay hydrated
22.Read nutrition labels carefully
23.Make your timetable flexible
24.Stretch out
25.Make friends with Mr. Salad
26.Team up with a friend
27.Change your food mentality
28.Jump for life
29.Funk up your workout
30.Watch portions
31.Do pilates
32.Lift weights
33.Eat fruit
34.Kick the carb habit
35.Get online support
36.Add spice