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Which Creative Talents Are You?

Data collecting talents
• The Adventurer (Improvisational Creativity) – allows you to experiment and play with clever and skillful adaptations based on the five senses. Examples are aviatrix Amelia Earhart, photographer Ansel Adams, and the great jazz musicians.
• The Navigator (Adaptive Creativity) – adds a new twist on what other s have already done. Examples are Florence Nightingale, inventors Thomas Edison, and George Washington Carver, and painter Claude Monet.
• The Explorer (Possibility Creativity) – creates worlds that are constantly full of new trends, ideas, opportunities and discoveries. Examples are Walt Disney, anthropologist Margaret Mead, advertising giant Jay Chiat, and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.
• The Visionary (Synthetic Creativity) – causes you to ask bold questions, see multiple connections, and provide far-reaching insights into the future. Examples are Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein.
Decision making talents
• The Pilot (Strategic Creativity) – provides you with designs and plans to improve an organization and get things get done. Examples are Margaret Thatcher and the founders of the US Constitution.
• The Inventor (Analytical Creativity) – causes you to shift paradigms and build theories to provide unusual insights. Examples are architect Frank Floyd Wright, author Ayn Rand, and the philosophers Immanuel Kant and Fredrich Nietzsche.
• The Harmonizer (Relationship Creativity) – focuses on people issues and fosters a nurturing environment that brings out the team’s creativity. Examples the Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Maya Angelou.
• The Poet (Values-Driven Creativity) – encourage reflection, articulation of feelings and an appreciation for quiet beauty and elegance. Examples are William Shakespeare and the poets T.S. Eliot Charlotte and Emily Bronte and Emily Dikinson.