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Hebatnya Cinta "Nur Kasih"

This movie serves as a spin off that's based 
on the much-loved TV drama series "Nur Kasih". 
It centres on a religious girl, Nur (Tiz Zaqyah), 
who falls in love with two brothers who couldn't be more different. 
Adam (Remy Ishak) is a rebel, 
while his older brother Aidil (Fizz Fairuz) is a filial son. 
A total of 5 million viewers in Malaysia tuned in to catch 
the series finale on TV last year, and the anticipation to catch 
this movie as a big screen adaptation 
is not only experienced by the fans of the series, 
but also those who are in for a good local movie that deals with, 
love, sacrifice and separation..... 

(Re-type by Jenna.)

 Kalau you'll nak tau, 
adik Mia pown berlakun tau kat dalam cerita nih. 
Dia bawak watak sebagai anak Aidil. 

Siap meniru gaya pengarah tu....
MIA comel !